Equestrian Butter Dish

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Equestrian Butter Dish

A bit displays across the top of this piece as two, leathery straps loop around its rein rings and curve towards the base. Another strap wraps around the bottom of this handmade, aluminum piece before buckling on one side.

Care Instructions:

  • Always wash Arthur Court aluminum serveware by hand with mild dish soap and dry immediately.
  • DO NOT WASH IN THE DISHWASHER. The heat from your dishwasher or oven will dull the luster on your aluminum.
  • It's recommended that you spray or wipe each piece before use with vegetable oil which will act as a barrier against highly acidic or salty foods which could dull or discolor the finish.
  • To prevent stains, remove all food and liquid immediately after use.
  • Unlike silver, Arthur Court's aluminum products do not need to be polished on a regular basis. As needed you can polish with Cape Code rubbing cloths or other fine silver polishing compounds.

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