Golf Club and Flagstick Serving Board

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Golf Club and Flagstick Serving Board

These serving boards are great for serving any course. They are beautiful and functional with two chrome plated brass golf clubs and flag stick handles and signature maple and mahogany design. 

7.5" x 20"


CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wooden cutting boards should NEVER be put in the dishwasher. To clean your board, simply wash it with light soaped water, and towel dry it promptly after washing.  Don’t place a wet or damp board on a flat surface as the moisture will get trapped between the board and surface. Wooden boards, bowls, boards and utensils need care and oil.  We recommend keeping your board coated liberally in Mineral oil, if you want to get fancy, melt some bees wax into the oil and apply it to the board when dry and clean. Let it sit over night and wipe off the excess. You can also use a butcher block oil or item similar for wooden cutting board treatment – we don’t recommend vegetable or olive oils as they can go rancid. 

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